The Investment Blog was started in May 2008.

This is not a personal finance blog, so you won’t find articles on how to reduce credit card debt, or how to save money for retirement.  There are thousands of other blogs out there for that.  This blog is about investing (strategies, approaches, principles, economics, the markets).

This blog is also my way of filling a void on the internet.  From my personal experience in attempting to interact with many investing & personal finance blogs out there, I was surprised to find that most are just interested in building a blog network & blog business (readership, traffic, article linking, & revenue), rather than genuinely being interested in sharing information on investing & economics with people!

I don’t care about increasing blog traffic, article linking, number of readers, and anything else that is not related to investing itself.  I don’t want to be an author of a best selling personal finance book, I want to be a Warren Buffett!  That is why you will rarely, if ever, find my blog listed on blogrolls or being named a “best of”, unless I become a more famous investor.  That is also why I have very few sites that I will link to, and also why the only other site I agreed to contribute to was TSX Waggle, an online community and project by TMX Equicom (a subsidiary of the TMX Group Inc.).

I hope to provide investment perspective to the average investor, and help them become above average!


2 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. Hi

    We are looking to advertise on credible websites, do you guys accept commercial placements i.e. images/flash/widgets/content if so what sizes are on offer?

    Kind Regards
    Clifford McCarthy

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