Lou Dobbs Tonight Beats The Kudlow Report

A slightly different post for a change, regarding some TV history in the making within the economics/politics commentary program arena among two of the largest business networks, Fox Business Network and CNBC.   For the entire week last week, Fox Business Network’s program “Lou Dobbs Tonight”, topped CNBC’s program “The Kudlow Report”, in total viewers at the prime 7PM time slot.

For more info on the battle see TV Newser:


For those of you who don’t know, “Lou Dobbs Tonight” hosted by Lou Dobbs, ran from 1980-2009 on CNN.  The show focuses on economic and political commentary and was one of the most watched shows on CNN.  FBN re-launched the popular program in 2011.

“The Kudlow Report”, hosted by Lawrence Kudlow, aired on CNBC in 2009, and is a successor to “Kudlow & Company” (2005-2008) which was a spinoff of “America Now” / “Kudlow & Cramer” (2001-2002 / 2002-2005).


FOX Business Newtwork is owned by The Fox Entertainment Group, which is part of Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp [NWS].  CNBC is owned by NBCUniversal Media, which is jointly owned by Comcast Corporation [CMCSK] and General Electric [GE].


UPDATE (7/5/2012):  For the week of June 25-29, “Lou Dobbs Tonight” again topped “The Kudlow Report” at 7PM for the week (by a 12% margin).  Its the fourth time in three months that Dobbs has beaten Kudlow, helping FBN get closer to conquering CNBC in the long time rivalry.

For more info on the four times that Dobbs bested Kudlow, see The Daily Caller:



DISCLOSURE: I do not own any shares of News Corp, Comcast, General Electric.  I do not intend to buy/sell any of the mentioned stocks within the next 3 trading days.

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