Investment Blogger Joins Waggle Community!


I am pleased to announce that starting today, The Investment Blog’s articles & posts will be featured on, an exciting new online community for investors!  I am extremely honored to be invited to the community by Waggle, and be the first Featured blogger in the B-Hive!  This is my first post since joining the Waggle community, so its fitting that I write about it!


What is Waggle?

Waggle is a unique social media enabled online community website, where investors, TSX-listed companies, and issuers, can communicate and interact with each other. The community is brought to us by the TSX and The Equicom Group Inc. (TMX Equicom), and was conceived by Q4 Web Systems Inc. and TMX Equicom.  That’s right, TSX as in the Toronto Stock Exchange! Both the TSX and Equicom are part of the TMX Group Inc. [X].  Q4 Web Systems is a leading provider of online investor relations solutions.  For a brief description of Waggle on Wikipedia click here.


My Initial Experience

I’ve been playing around on the site for a while, and my initial experience has been very enjoyable.  Users can add each other as friends, and/or follow the posts of other community members. Users can also follow TSX-listed companies, which is a unique investor-oriented feature.  Waggle also features discussion forums for sharing anything related to markets (specific sector, company, stock, asset, etc).  Another wonderful feature of the community is the user blogs.

I logged in using my Twitter account, which made things hassle free (no new username or password to remember).  You can also log in using Facebook or your LinkedIn username & password.   Displayed neatly on the home page are the main menu options (Home, Trending, Companies, Groups), a search bar, sign-in info, the most followed users, and latest member companies.  The Home menu shows the latest user activity, while Trending shows the latest posts. The Groups tab organizes and gives access to different Waggle blogs, such as B-Hive (featured blogs including The Investment Blog, and others), Waggle User Blogs, and the Waggle Hive Blog.

But the Companies menu is where things are the most interesting.  Under Companies, community activity (posts, comments, Waggle blogs, discussion forum, etc) is broken down and organized into their respective industry/sector.  This makes finding news or discussions about a particular company or market sector very quick & easy.

For example, if I wanted to find news related to TSX-listed junior miner Minera Andes Inc. [MAI], I can go to Companies on the main menu, and click on the Mining category.  Under Mining, I can check to see if anything recent has been listed under the Home tab (posts), Blogs tab (company Waggle Blogs), or Forum tab (discussions).  If I don’t come across anything recent, I can simply enter the company’s name in the site’s search bar.  Entering the name or stock symbol in the search bar displays any matches listed under Companies, Blogs, or Places (blog, forum, media gallery, etc.).

Overall, the interface is very easy to understand and use.  I find Waggle is like an easier to use Facebook, with less clutter, focused on bringing together investors & companies.  It also has discussion board and blog features.  Waggle is currently in beta testing, so we can probably expect much more functionality and features as it moves forward!  Waggle is gearing up for a full launch anticipated in the fall of 2011.


Why I Am So Excited About Waggle!

One of the main reasons why I’m so excited about Waggle is that it is a credible & reputable online community initiated by the TMX Group Inc., where investors & companies can communicate with each other.

There are plenty of online communities & forums related to personal finance.  But up until now, there hasn’t been an investor-centric place for investors to discuss & share information, knowledge, opinions, and ideas related to the markets, specific investments, sectors, companies, and investing.  Waggle has HUGE potential with a rapidly growing user base.  In addition, more and more financial service firms, bloggers, and TSX-listed companies are joining the community!  Its no secret that the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) and TSX Venture Exchange are leaders in the mining sector, so naturally this will be the premier place to discuss mining related investments & companies.

If you are even slightly interested in the markets, investing, or hold TSX-listed investments, Waggle will be an invaluable resource!

Don’t forget to join and follow me on Waggle!


FULL DISCLOSURE: I am long Minera Andes Inc.  I do not own shares of the TMX Group Inc.   I am not employed by, nor am I receiving any fee from the TMX Group Inc. (or any of its subsidiaries) or Q4 Web Systems Inc.

Views expressed within this post are solely my opinion and do not represent or reflect those of TMX Group Inc. or its affiliates.

Thanks & Happy Investing! — The Investment Blogger © 2011


2 thoughts on “Investment Blogger Joins Waggle Community!

    1. Thank you! Though I’m not very concerned with getting exposure or having a lot of readers, as blogging/writing is just a side hobby to my main focus which is investing. Each article/post on my site will be duplicated on Waggle. However, from time to time I do write exclusive articles that are more suited for investors on the Waggle community. The most recent being a mining focused version of my Successful Investing Series Issue#02 – Reading Quarterly & Annual Reports

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