2011 Mid-Year Investment & Economic Update Intro


The general outlook for for the remainder of 2011 has not changed much from the 2010 Outlook. Earlier this year I had written detailed 2010 reviews & 2011 outlooks, for the bond market, currencies, and mergers & acquisitions (M&A).  My intention was to distance them from the commonly published (and relatively useless) “outlook” and prediction, or “best places to put money this year 2011” type articles.  However, there is still a need to capture other economic & investment outlook information that investors can refer to.

Due to the separate outlook articles that I have already written, and because the general outlook of 2011 hasn’t changed that much, this series of articles will be more brief than last year’s.  Some of the articles in this series will be short posts or notes. Unfortunately, I do not have time to cover every detail in each category or topic, but hopefully I will capture the the major points.

For the remainder of 2011, it will essentially be a continuation of what we expected from the 2010 Outlook.   The first article in this series will be on the U.S. economic situation.  Other articles will include the Canadian economic situation, European economic situation, Mergers & Acquisitions, commodities, bonds, etc.

Note: Keep in mind the information in these articles are not meant to be a set of predictions that are set in stone.  It is meant as a discussion of a range of probable scenarios of what we can expect to see happen, based on the information available today.  By knowing the likely possibilities, we can plan for them.  We can also capitalize on potential opportunities, and not be caught off guard by possible negative events.

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2 thoughts on “2011 Mid-Year Investment & Economic Update Intro

  1. I’m guessing your opinion of the economic outlook for the remainder of 2011 has changed a bit in light of the recent occurrences in the market. My guess is this year will be very rocky.

    1. Unfortunately my opinion and economic outlook for the remainder of 2011 (and likely for 2012), has not changed at all. My outlook on the economy was a more pessimistic one, and it has remained that way. The problems that have plauged the economies of the world for the past few years have not gone away, and significant challenges as discussed persist. I really wish this wasn’t the case, but difficult times are still ahead of us.

      In regards to recent market activity, the market doesn’t necessarily coincide with the status of the economy. Markets usually overprice and underprice economic situtations. For example, the recent market declines over the past two weeks were triggered by the US debt ceiling crisis, US debt downgrade, and euro zone debt crisis. However, the market shouldn’t have reacted to them at all because they were not new issues (and have been lingering since the onset of the financial crisis in 2007-2008).

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