Introduction – Successful Investing [Issue#00]


The Successful Investing series will focus on personally tested & proven KEY ideas, concepts, techniques, methods, strategies, investments, and tools that I believe will truly help the investor improve their investment success without unnecessary risk. Investors looking for real investment tips that work for becoming a more successful investor, will find them in this series.  This series is intended to help the investor evolve so that they can increase their returns and sustain them over the long term. High returns do not require high risks!

The posts in this series will usually be less formal, and shorter rather than longer.  For most topics/issues I will describe how I integrate and use it. There will be less background information, not as much detail in explanations, and fewer points/arguments for my view (not as complete), than in my usual articles. The intention is to be more direct and to the point so that investors can quickly read it, understand it, use it, and profit from it.

Some topics will require additional homework as well (research & analysis for your own individual situation or regarding the topic).  At times it may feel like a very simple or subtle idea, but ignore it at your own expense.  At other times it may feel like a crash course (just thrown to you) to pull you to the next level.  Because there may be less information presented, readers can feel free to ask questions.  I’ll try to answer them when I have some free time.  You can do it!  See you at the top! (well, some of you  =p)

The first issue will be “Holding Cash“.

Thanks & Happy Investing! – © 2011


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