Independence Day 2010

Happy Independence Day America!

Its July 4th, Independence Day in the United States of America!  There is no better day than today to think about your financial independence.

Financial independence has a different meaning for each person.  For some it may mean not having to worry about paying bills, the mortgage, or putting food on the table.  To others, it may mean not worrying about the next pay cheque, or being at the mercy of a company who may lay you off just before retirement.

To me, being financially independent means that I do not need to worry about money.  Money itself is not important, it is very necessary for sustaining life in the world we live in today.  Being financially independent means that I do not need to rely on the system, nor be burdened by it.  It also means not having to work for a company in order to survive (pay cheque).  But ultimately, it means having the freedom to do what I choose to do each day (spending time with those I care about, improving my well being and the life of those around me, learning things I wish to learn, sharing knowledge, etc.).  That to me, those things are priceless, and cannot be replaced.   Each day I spend not doing those things, are days I cannot get back.  Unfortunately a series of serious life events over the last 10 years of my life, have continually heightened this issue.  There are things that when time passes, can never be recovered.  You do not want to wait for a day when you wake up to find those things missing.  It is the reason I invest to become financially independent as soon as possible.

Every July 4th, I ponder about how many more July 4ths (Independence Days) will pass until my own Independence Day arrives.  Not many, I hope.

Start thinking about your Independence Day!


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Thanks & Happy Investing!

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