Well I’m back finally from Japan.  Its a beautiful country with beautiful culture, that has mixed modern ideas while preserving the old traditions very well. 

Economically speaking though, the country is the world’s second largest economy.  But they are still going through very tough times, with large problems still looming.  They have been in a decade long recession that has hit the people very hard.  The younger generation has found it very difficult to find work and make a living.  Here in North America, that is something we taken for granted.  Many young Japanese must still live off their parents, and depend on them financially.  This is especially so in the greater Tokyo area, where housing is in short supply and thus is extremely expensive.  Minimum wage in Tokyo is about 750 – 850 Yen depending on the industry, which is not alot, considering how expensive housing and other daily items are.

Many younger Japanese have decided  not to marry or have families, due to the financial difficulties.  Thus the change in demographics has created many other problems.  With Japan’s population aging, and shrinking, there are not enough youth to take care of the elderly.  The workforce population is decreasing and the cost of social security such as the pension system is increasing.  Japan’s population is roughly 128 million, but it is expected to shrink by 1/3 in within the next 50 years.

Politically, Japan’s government is set to become a 3 party system.  It is a move away from the 2 party system.  Many American’s feel their current 2 party system does not work.  However, as a Canadian with multiple political parties, I would welcome a 2 party system.  To me, I see the US system as imperfect, but working more efficiently than ours.   Our Canadian system does not seem to work very well.

In terms of infrastructure, science, and technology, they pretty much lead the world, and the world still has much to learn from them.  They have adapted and integrated new technologies into their daily lives making things efficient in general.


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