Time Makes Money

I’ve been pretty busy these last few weeks as I am hammering out some business details.  I haven’t had time to completed a new article for this week.  But I’ll leave you with something that may be more valuable, but less instructive.  Its one of my own quotes/sayings that I points to what I feel is a very important concept.  I use this quote every time someone asks me to explain what I feel are keys to successful investing. However, it runs contrary to one of the most common beliefs that the majority of people have, that only “money makes money” and that is why the “rich get richer and the poor gets poorer”:

Money doesn’t make money, time makes money.
[The Investment Blogger]

Think about it for a while, and why I would say this.  How could this make any sense?   If you understand what I am trying to tell you, you will be on your way to to making some money!   I’ll allow your brain to work on this for a while, and then I’ll follow up with an article in the next few weeks.


Thanks & Happy Investing!
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One thought on “Time Makes Money

  1. “Time always was money”, so why not “time makes money”. It’s true and always was. People do not think that way. I have a friend and once when we discussed investing, he said he didn’t have enough money to invest, while you actually do not need to be rich to become rich. Just invest and give it a time.

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