Book Review: The Best of Uncommon Financial Wisdom

The Best Of Uncommon Financial Wisdom – Dr. David Shafer

Not too long after I started blogging, I came across the blog “Uncommon Financial Wisdom“. As an investor one of the things that are important to me is the never ending quest for knowledge. As everyone knows, knowledge empowers people. And when it comes to investments, knowledge is the key to producing monetary results. I found that Dr. David Shafer, the author of the blog, wrote some very informative articles, and that there was useful information and knowledge that I could gain from his experiences. Since then, I have become a regular reader.  By the way, its also the only blog that I have grown enough confidence in to encourage my readers to visit and have on my Blog I Recommend list.


Recently Dr. Shafer compiled the most popular blog articles that he had written into an ebook, “The best of Uncommon Financial Wisdom“, which is available from his company’s site.

The articles assembled in the ebook touch on a variety of financial & investment relevant topics:
– Financial education, financially educating your children.
– Strategies on investing, retirement, insurance, leverage, personal finance.
– 401ks, Mutual Funds.
– Risk, Investor psychology.
– Real estate.
– Taxation.
– Warren Buffet & Berkshire Hathaway.
– Building wealth, differences between the average middle class and the wealthy.

Most importantly it touches on the topic of planning – something critically important, but most people fail to do!


Many of the articles inside the ebook, are ones that I had already read before, but there were some which I had missed. The articles have easy to understand explanations for novices but useful also useful tidbits of information from his experience that veteran investors would appreciate. Dr. David Shafer puts classic investing principles into practical advice for today’s society. If you consider yourself to be a novice with little investing knowledge and a million questions, you’ll find many answers to some of the most common questions. If you are an experienced investor but are looking for some perspective on specific topics, you may find his articles pin-pointing his thoughts on some of those as well.

Some novices may feel a bit hesitant to read the information of someone they don’t know. But as a fellow investor, why do I think his articles are particularly useful or that his information is valid? It is because he is able to explain and focus on specific investment principles, strategies, problems etc, that only an experienced investor with first hand knowledge & experience would know. Many times I have some very similar ideas and issues, and compare our perspectives.


Dr. Shafer’s site is one of those places I can check. Of course readers can always interface with him via comments & email as well. I strongly encourage all readers to visit his blog site and read his ebook. It is indeed financial wisdom that is so uncommonly found in the world around us. Only a small minority use this type of uncommon knowledge. However it is this knowledge that we all need in order to have an uncommonly wealthy life.



Feel free to post questions, comments, or topic suggestions.

Thanks & Happy Investing!
The Investment Blogger

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