Warren Buffett (Berkshire Hathaway) Stock Portfolio – Update 2008 Q3

Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway stock updates for the third quarter of 2008:

New Additions:

ETN [Eaton Corp]
– 2,908,700 shares were purchased. The Cleveland company is an industrial parts and systems manufacturer. It is involved designing, manufacturing, servicing, and marketing of industrial electrical systems and parts.  The company operates in four different business segments, including electrical, fluid power, truck, and automotive.  In the electrical segment it is involved in power quality, distribution and control.  In the fluid power group it is involved in systems and services for industrial, mobile, and aircraft equipment.  In the truck segment, it is involved in intelligent drivetrain systems for safety and fuel economy, the automotive segment is involved in engine air management systems, power train solutions and specialty controls for performance, fuel economy, and safety.  Customers are situated across the globe in more than 150 countries.


Added to:

COP [Conoco Phillips]
– Berkshire received permission to conceal the status of its investment in the oil giant Conoco Phillips last quarter. Berkshire held 17,508,700 shares of the company at the end of the first quarter. Berkshire Hathaway often seeks permission from the Securities and Exchange Commission not disclose information that could hurt its trading strategy because the public likes to follow and copy the company does. This also is the same reason why many investments are not immediately made available to the public by the SEC.  Recent filings show that Berkshire’s stake in Conoco Phillips increased to 83,955,800 shares.

NRG [NRG Energy]
– Again added to power wholesale company. 1,761,900 shares were purchased, brining the total to 5,000,000 shares.

USB [US Bancorp]
– Buffet increased his holdings in only this bank during the quarter. 4,306,100 shares were purchased, brining the total to 72,937,126.


BAC [Bank Of America]
– Major reduction in shares of the company to 5,000,000 from 9,100,000.

HD [Home Depot]
– A reduction in shares of the major home improvement chain to 3,700,000 shares from 4,181,000.

LOW [Lowes Companies]
– A reduction in shares of another home improvement chain to 6,500,000 shares from 7,000,000.

KMX [Carmax]
– Reduced its stake in the auto retailer to 18,444,100 shares from 21,300,000 shares.

UNH [United Health Group]
– Slight reduction in its holdings of the health insurer to 6,379,900 shares from 6,400,000 shares.

WLP [Wellpoint]
– Slight reduction in its holdings of the commercial health benefits company to 4,777,300 shares from 4,800,000 shares.


SEC Filing:
You can view the official SEC filing (Sept 30 2008) which discloses Berkshire Hathaway stock holdings here:
The filing does not differentiate between investments Berkshire Hathaway makes and investments its subsidiaries make, or investments Warren Buffett himself makes as the chairman and chief executive of the company.  Buffet usually makes his stock investments for Berkshire Hathaway through his insurance arms (Berkshire Hathaway Life Insurance Co. of Nebraska, Columbia insurance Co, GEICO, National Indemnity Co, Wesco, etc.).

Although we can easily follow and copy Warren Buffet’s stock purchases and sales, it is much better to start learning his thought process and criteria.  One of the criteria is the concept of value.  Buffet’s teacher/mentor Benjamin Graham’s classic book The Intelligent Investor is available online from Amazon.ca/com. I have placed a link to the specific version/edition that I recommend below. There are a few editions out, but this one has the Introduction and Appendix written by Warren Buffet (informative extra commentary). Chapters/Indigo is sold out at the moment but I added a link to the audiobook. However, I find having it in textual format is better for referencing. This book is a must read for followers of Warren Buffet, and the best investment book I ever read.  It is a great starting point for stock investing.


Thanks & Happy Investing!
The Investment Blogger!

The Intelligent Investor: A Book of Practical Counsel

The Intelligent Investor: A Book of Practical Counsel

Chapters.ca (CD audiobook)


2 thoughts on “Warren Buffett (Berkshire Hathaway) Stock Portfolio – Update 2008 Q3

  1. where are you getting the info for stock updates on Warren Buffet’s (Berkshire Hathaway) stock portfolio?

    I like your site very much but I would like to verify your source?

    Thank you!

    1. Glad you like the site. For general information on each company, I like to check Reuters or the individual company’s website. For the numeric information pertaining specifically to the holdings (shares and $ amount) of Berkshire I go to the SEC filing itself (I put a link in the article to it, its pretty interesting to look at). I then compare the data with the previous SEC filing for numeric changes. Hopefully I didn’t make any errors, but if you spot any please let me know so I can update it. Thanks!

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