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The global currency battle has deepened yet again as countries push forward with efforts to resist capital inflows that increase their currencies and undercut the competitiveness of their exports.

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On Tuesday October 5, 2010, the Bank of Japan (central bank) cut its overnight rate target to a range between 0 and 0.1% (effectively 0%), from 0.1%.  This reinstates the “zero-interest rate policy” that was ended in July 2006 by the BoJ. Continue Reading »

On Thursday, September 30, 2010, the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) and the federal competition authorities reached an agreement in principle.  The agreement allows sellers to choose which services they want from a real estate agent, and to pay for only those services. Continue Reading »

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In the next little while I will be making quite a  bit of changes and updates to the blog:

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Eventually I’ll move the blog to a new site/URL.
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As a natural progression that complements my blog articles I’ve jointed Twitter.  I’ll be posting there more often as time goes by, commenting on events in the stock & real estate markets, the economy, business, personal things, and whatever else may come to my mind that I wish to share with my readers!

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On 9/8/2010, The Bank of Canada (BoC) announced it is raising its overnight interest rate by 0.25% to 1%. The Bank Rate is correspondingly 1 1/4 per cent and the deposit rate is 3/4 per cent. The next scheduled date for announcing the overnight rate target is October 19, 2010.

Although almost all retail bank economists, the media, analysts, and many politicians, have voiced their view against the central bank rate increase, it is encouraging that governor Mark Carney and company have decided to act rationally & logically.  They acted according to what they felt is the best for the country based on their own research/knowledge of the current economic situation, and general monetary policy & economics.  They resisted the institutional imperative!

Although it has been fired up by the media, we should not expect to feel any significant impact or drastic economic condition changes resulting from this specific rate hike of 0.25%.

Bank of Canada:


Update: Links updated to refer to the new site at www.theinvestmentblog.net

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